Where Are The Gaps in What Do We Know About Business Creation and How Could Ethnography Help Us Fill Them?

by Howard Aldrich

Entrepreneurship and Ethnography in the Andres: The Chijnaya Experience

by Ralph Bolton

Collaboration in Social Entrepreneurship: Understanding the Process of Innovation

by Elizabeth Briody and Dawn Lehman

Expanding Understanding of Business Creation: Adding More Ethnography into the Research Mix

by Doug Caulkins

Musings on the Prospects of Entrepreneurial Ethnography

by Per Davidsson

Sudden Exposure to Craft: Entrepreneurship, Ethnographically

by Ken Erickson

What Does "Writing a Business Plan" Mean?

by William Gartner and Bruce Teague

Evaluative Standards Are Never Generic: On the Value of Ethnography

by Rena Lederman

Princeton Longitudinal Entrepreneurial Observatory (PLEO)

by Derek Lidow and Paul Reynolds

The Promise and Perils of Field Research in Entrepreneurial Accelerators

by Siobhan O'Mahoney and Rebecca Karp

Emerging Ties - Nigerian Entrepreneurs and Chinese Business Associates

by U. Ejiro Onomake

Human Ventures: An Ethnographic Examination of U.S. Growth

by Marlo Rencher

Enhancing Understanding of Entrepreneurial Phenomena: Ethnographic Opportunities in PSED and GEM Assessments

by Paul Reynolds

Ethnography, Ethnocentrism and Research on Entrepreneurial Start-up Activity: An African Perspective

by Peter Rosa 

Time for Departure – A Study of Entrepreneurial Group Exit

by Isabell Stamm

Peter’s Puppies: An Entrepreneurial Leader and his “So-Called Management Team” 

by Alex Stewart

How Ethnography Might Help in Studies of the Determinants of Successful Business Creation

by Mirjam Van Praag



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